Who we are We are a company ahead of the curve, with courage to face the challenges of the tax sector, we came to transform the business world of import and export of services and technology.

Our team We believe that the greatest impact we generate for society is investing in people and believing in them. At WTM, evolution depends on each employee and is for everyone. Our team is prepared to face any challenge. Regardless of the mission, we accomplish it!

What does WTM represent? In the words of those who live it


Raimundo Souza


“WTM is a project that was born in the heart of our CEO Lisandro Vieira. He has values and aspirations that infect anyone who approaches this project, because, here, we have the freedom to work, develop, create, engage, have a space in the sense of belonging and a sense of ownership, of something bigger, of we feel great. The group's vision is disruptive and innovative. Here change is constant and current, feeling that we can dominate the world and provide a customer service experience that they would never have without WTM. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER, this represents WTM”

Vani Deronellas

Sales Development Representative

“Working at WTM International is contributing with actions that will benefit tens, hundreds or thousands of people. And that's amazing! When I joined WTM I wanted something new, disruptive, that made a difference. And today, I can certainly say that I achieved my professional goals and it couldn't have been different, as the motto of innovation and market differentiation is carried by restless and brilliant minds. From the CEO to the salesperson, everyone is extremely talented and very smart! For me, WTM International represents the connection, at a global level, between companies in the services and technology ecosystem, where we deliver the best experience for those who buy and for those who sell”

Fábio Guedes

Fábio Guedes

“I've been at WTM since Sep/2013 and to evolve in this partnership, I wanted to see up close who these guys were who were already disruptive at the time to solve an accessory obligation of the Federal Government. That's when I was surprised when I saw everyone working like crazy, sweaty and business popping up from all sides! I thought: Damn, I want this! Since then, I have held the WTM as a kind of sacred mantle, which I wear with the greatest pride in the world, because from here come initiatives associated with technology designed for the operational and financial comfort of companies. I'm 100% WTM and I don't give up”


Luciele Borges

Customer Success Manager

“WTM means everything to me! It was the company that opened the doors to the beginning of my professional career, which is contributing a lot to my not only professional, but also human development! The constant challenges make us want to learn more and more, and I love these changes! On the world stage, WTM represents innovation, being a reference for foreign trade in services and technology”


Rodrigo Martins

Head of Expansion

“WTM stands for continuous change.
Facing challenges as opportunities and thinking that nothing can, and should be done like yesterday, is in our DNA. Delivering a quality service to our customers is what drives us. Our focus is to simplify processes, seek new alternatives, do more, better and faster”


Carlos Gabriel

Marketing assistant

“WTM, for me, represents new airs as a new techno-system (pun on eco-system) for everyone. And I think for the world it represents innovation, ease and practicality”


Vicente Neves


“What excites me about being with WTM International, at this moment, is feeling and knowing that we are present where we need to be, so that international relations are carried out in a solid and committed way, using technology, our great ally that helps us in this realization. WTM International will be present in the world, wherever necessary, to allow Exporters and Importers of Services and Technology to have their best experience in International Payments and Receipts, with the responsibility of keeping the process in compliance with the regulations of each country”


Waldomiro Santos


“WTM International represents a disruptive innovation in the contracting and payment of Services and Technology provided by other countries to Brazil. And for Brazilian exporting companies, it also innovates by facilitating the receipt of payments for Services and Technology exported to foreign companies. WTM International enables, with all the necessary Compliance, trade between Brazil and the world, respecting local and international legislation, leading to fair trade between the parties”

Daniela Bonotti


“WTM represents the beginning of a new cycle in my life. I had been looking for a replacement in the job market for some time. And it was very difficult. Until I connected with my current manager and he gave me the opportunity to be part of the WTM team.
Thus, WTM represents new dreams in my personal life, I manage to reconcile my career with my family. And it represents a great professional success. I'm having the opportunity to grow, to learn and meet new businesses, to connect with people who only have to add information and content in my professional and personal life. I love new challenges and it's been wonderful to grow together with the company. I'm just grateful for everything I'm living"

Ana Rodrigues

Sales Development Representative

“WTM represents to the world the opportunity for innovation and disruption in International Payments and Receipts for Services and Technology, with the purpose of carrying out all this, in a healthy and transparent environment. And, for me, it means the possibility of learning daily, about adaptation and changes to serve the customer and the market in which he is inserted in an innovative way”

Paola Waltrick

Customer Success Manager

“WTM represents innovation, dynamism and courage in the face of the challenges of transforming this sector”

Our Trajectory

2003 to 2012

First Phase

2003 to 2012

Implementation of Foreign Trade Software Integrated with ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, Totvs, among others. Datasul-EMS, NSI-Ecomex and Thomson Reuters-Softway Systems


A milestone in our History (2012)


Entry into force of the Siscoserv, requiring companies to study the topic and seek clarification on the matter. WTM do Brasil started to give lectures all over Brazil on the subject, making the company an authority on the subject, earning the recognition and respect of partners, customers and members of the Siscoserv Commission at the MDIC and RFB.

2012 to 2018

Second Phase

2012 to 2018

Solution for companies seeking to regularize their statements in Siscoserv. Consolidation of partnership with several segments of service providers, which found in WTM the ideal partner to serve their clients, such as: Accountants, Dispatchers, Traders, Lawyers. We have worked with more than 2800 customers in this period and learned even more about their needs and requests.


Third Phase


We realized that customers need much more than only help with their claims, they need support to:

  • Identify, calculate and collect taxes correctly;
  • Help to pay and receive without losing money;
  • To issue or receive invoices without errors and omissions.


Launch of WTM 3.0!


We help clients to solve various problems and opportunities in the Legal, Exchange, Tax and Tax aspects of Foreign Operations!

New, more comprehensive and robust services that deliver better results for our customers who export and save money for those who import! And all with greater security and adherence to best compliance practices.


LATAM Payments 4.0


In order to make life easier for the companies in the matter of issuing taxes and correctly classifying them, WTM began collecting amounts in real in Brazil on behalf of the client, making payments for them abroad and also classifying the payments for tax purposes.

This created the need for companies to make accessory declarations, after they made purchases, because they were appearing as importers of the services they purchased.
of the services they purchased.

This work made it easier for the companies, as WTM negotiated taxes, made the payment in the best way, classified the service correctly, issued and paid the tax guides by the customer. But we felt that something was still missing. Then we started organizing WTM 5.0.


WTM International 5.0


The customer can have a purchase experience of a national service, in addition to being able to reduce the cost, improve the fiscal performance with the negotiation of this. Now our customers make a single payment in local currency and therefore eliminate all the bureaucratic work. WTM is responsible for the entire process and does all the administration.

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